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Altra Running was founded in 2009 but began releasing shoes in the North American market in 2011. From the start line to the finish line, Altra Running has sought to provide runners with the perfect combination of fit, comfort, and performance.

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The cushion in these shoes is serious. The 30mm stack height provides an abundance of support for long runs. However, this may not be your top choice if you prefer sleeker shoes. While the weight is relatively low at 9.3 ounces, the shoe feels bulky.

In addition, Altra shoes feature Zero Drop technology, which helps keep your feet grounded during the entire running motion. This reduces the impact on your legs and lower body, helping to prevent injuries.

The heel of the shoe sits flush with the forefoot, so there is no difference in height from heel to toe. You may not even be aware that your current traditional running shoes are raised slightly higher at the heel than at the toes.

Studies show that the traditional running shoe has changed the way humans run. Now, more than ever, people tend to run with a heel strike, likely due to the rise in the heel of traditional running shoes.

Unlike running shoes that position the heel above the foot, Altra shoes employ balanced cushioning, which aligns the heel and forefoot. Altra is the only shoe to have total Zero Drop cushioning, promoting high impact and natural anatomical movement as opposed to a strained heel-landing gait. Another study in the Journal of Sport and Health Science shows a lower risk of injury reported for "forefoot strikers" (runners who strike the ground with the front of their foot first) as opposed to "rear-foot strikers." The Zero Drop running shoe technology facilitates forefront striking guidance--improving running technique--and thereby preventing injury. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services suggests that increased toe room is an essential feature for fitness shoes--for people of all ages.

Altra may very well make the best running shoes for men as well, but since Altra shoes for women include a host of gender-specific technology, they're naturally serious contenders in any "best in class" list. Altra's FIT4HER initiative resulted in the first running shoe designed specifically for female anatomy. Altra women's shoes include narrow heels and mid-foot, higher steeps, and extended arches. Altra separates their line of women and mens running shoes, making shoes such as their women's trail running shoes, easy to find and understand. Studies suggest that women might have increased risk factors while running, compared to men, because of comparatively weak peak breaking force (PBF) and anatomical differences. Since Altra's womens shoes are designed to fit female feet, they reduce these risk factors, promoting a healthy gait.

Rock plates line the sole of the shoe, providing stability, comfort, and protection when rocks, sticks, and other debris might be underfoot. Altra has the shoes for every running adventure, including Altra trail shoes, such as Altra Lone Peak. But if you're looking for a road running shoe, Altra Escalante may be the perfect choice. Pair these shoes with running apparel--such as running jackets, running shorts, and running shirts--from your favorite brands.

Thanks to their equal cushioning throughout the sole, Altra's footwear shoes offer tremendous support and performance for runners. While the short wedge lessens the impact on your heel, the spacious inner design treats your toes with care. Whether you have overpronation or face challenges with the arch of your feet, you can sprint through your chosen paths with the help of your Altar footwear. With running accessories such as insoles that are easily available at affordable prices, you can also further customize your Altra shoes according to your liking. Otherwise, you may trust the Zero Drop cushioning that it brings to the table from the get go. This also makes Altra footwear a great choice in professionally-designed shoes that typically don't need adjustments to deliver their offered performance.

Road Runner Sports offers a wide range of Altra footwear that is fit to cater to every requirement of style, performance, and comfort. Some of the most popular models in the Altra range include the Escalante, Torin, Rivera, Paradigm, and Provision. Throughout these lineups, you can find shoes that are ideal for running, perfect for hiking, and even optimal for walking. Through Zero Drop cushioning technology, the shoemaker ensures to provide your feet with an equal level of support through its models. This makes it easy for you to run miles on smooth roads, hike through rough terrains, and sprint over moving treadmills without undue pressure.This provides you with a slew of options that you can wear on a daily basis or exclusively during your training or adventure activities. Various models in the Altra footwear lineup are also helpful for conditions such as overpronation or plantar fasciitis, which makes them an excellent choice as comforting shoes for specific problems. You can also pair your shoes with other injury prevention gear to further elevate your safety.

Altra offers a range of shoes for a variety of activities. This includes running, hiking, and trailing shoes that you can wear for different needs. At the same time, these shoes also make for captivating street wear, which allows you to don them during your day to day outfits. With a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials, choosing your next pair of shoes also becomes an exciting experience. If you want to spruce up your style a bit further, you can also invest in regular accessories such as running socks and headbands. Otherwise, you may opt for something more tech-based such as smartwatches or wristbands to take your casual fits to the next level.

By striking the elusive balance between comfort, style, and accessibility, Altra shoes have become the epitome of good taste among many athletes, fitness experts, and sneakerheads. At the same time, Altra footwear has also become popular among those who have to wear specialty footwear due to physical challenges. Through its range of options, Altra also ensures to cater to almost every audience. Regardless of your preference for men's or women's shoes, you can easily discover your perfect match among the range of footwear that Altra has to offer. This makes Altra highly popular and distinctive throughout various social as well as hobbyist circles.

VF owns the North Face, which also makes running shoes. With both brands under the same umbrella, they could be forced to alter the products they manufacture or the consumers they target to avoid competing with one another. Similar concerns arose in December, when VF bought wool-apparel brand Icebreaker. VF also owns Smartwool, and at the time of the purchase a VF spokesperson said that consumers would probably notice a shift in one or both brands at some point. So far there have been no major changes, but only a few months have passed.

A sufficiently wide toe box to accommodate natural toe splay is one of the most important of these key design features built into Altra shoes. Most conventional running shoes have a tapering toe box, or a toe box that gets narrower from the ball of the foot to the ends of the toes. But the toe box of Altra shoes is widest at the ends of the toes, where you need the width the most. I really love this feature of Altra shoes because it allows me to wear my Correct Toes toe spacers inside my running shoes, which keeps my toes aligned properly and foot free of injuries.

What I find really great about Altra running and walking shoes is that they can be used with other beneficial natural footgear to encourage lasting foot and toe health. Products that work great with Altra shoes include Correct Toes, Injinji toe socks, and Pedag metatarsal pads. Using this combination with Altra shoes can help you achieve optimal foot health, prevent common athletic injuries, and allow you to perform at the top of your game.

I think that Altra athletic shoes are among the first of their kind to truly respect normal and natural foot and toe anatomy and help prevent lower extremity joint and soft tissue problems. Altra shoes have the classic look of a conventional running shoe, but they also have a lot of new features that set them apart from other brands and companies, including that incredible toe box and completely flat support platform. Wearing Altra running and walking shoes is a comfortable and constructive way restore or preserve your foot and toe health, and I definitely recommend these shoes to anyone looking to combine athletic performance with foot comfort and health.

The Lone Peak puts 25mm of Altra's Alter Ego foam between your feet and the ground. In combination with the zero drop design, this base provides a pretty solid platform. The front toe bumper adds a little extra material to shield your piggies from rock strikes, but it's relatively minimal, so you'll need to take care on rocky terrain. The upper is a breathable, tight-woven mesh that keeps out particulates and easily resists sharp branches. These shoes have connection points to attachgaiters (known as the Gaitortrap) on the tongue and heel if you want an added level of protection on top.

Altra calls their lug design "Trailclaw." They attempt to align the lugs in the front with the metatarsals to create responsive traction under your forefoot. This design is quite effective on loose dirt and mud, digging in right where we wanted, especially while running uphill. On rock, this shoe felt very slippery and paled in comparison to more aggressive shoes like the Salomon Speedcross 5. Often, softer rubber grips smooth rock relatively well, but this shoe's Maxtrac rubber doesn't feel very grippy, and we thought twice before tackling short, scrambly sections of trail at full speed. 041b061a72


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