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This pattern of Sony and PlayStation shuttering services and other game servers has been a recurring thing ever since last year. With Sony's focus on the PS5, it's been phasing out a lot of its older technology. This can be seen with the shutdown of online servers for two PS Vita exclusives and the attempted shutdown of the PS3 and PS Vita digital stores. It's likely other PS4 online exclusives are going to get shut down at some point in the future too. Despite this game's closure, Clap Hanz is still developing golf games, with Easy Come Easy Golf being released earlier this month for smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

Everybodys Golf PSN

Simply put, Everybody's Golf is a game about golf - the proper kind, rather than the crazy variety. Using a really simple control scheme, you'll set the angle of your shot, perhaps switch club to alter the distance your ball will travel, and maybe try to compensate for wind or the slope of the course, before firing off your shot using the "three button" method. Press once to start the meter building, again to set your shot power, and a third and final time when the bar reaches the marker at the bottom to fire off the perfect shot. Adding a bit of timing based skill to the game, stopping the marker dead centre will let your shot travel in a perfect straight line (wind and terrain permitting), but skewing it to either side will accidentally curve your shot. Get your third press way out of the timing zone and you'll botch up completely, often ending up landing your shot in the rough.

While the game plays pretty much the same whatever mode you're playing in, single player does offer a more structured 'story' mode of sorts to play through. Beginning as a green rookie golfer, you'll need to compete in tournaments to raise your golfing rank (and unlock all kinds of new hairstyles, accessories and equipment for your custom character in the process), in order to take on bigger and better opponents. Do well in enough tournaments and you'll catch the eye of a more experienced character, who'll challenge you to a golf-off, one on one - beat them and you'll start scaling the ranks, on the way to becoming the best golfer around. As a nice touch, when you're tired of golfing, you can race golf carts around or indulge in a spot of fishing instead, the latter being more of a mini-game in its own right, with a fair few species of fish to catch and collect. The aforementioned multiplayer modes, meanwhile, let you either face off against hordes of players online, or up to four players on the same console across a number of holes of your choosing, including a great "pass the controller" option, which lets four people play with just one pad!

As the name suggests, Everybody's Golf is a game that's suitable for everybody - there's no bad language, bloody violence or sex scenes whatsoever - just pure golfing fun. About the closest it comes to anything remotely questionable are some boob tubes and fishnet stockings as customisable clothes, and the ability to choose 'sexy' as your character's movement style, which can see them strike vaguely provocative poses. The words damn and hell do crop up in the dialogue too.

Being able to battle it out against other golfers, whether that be in single or multiplayer, is sorely missing and means that doing well results in little more than granting you leaderboard bragging rights and the unlocking of some new content.

Ever since it was founded in 1998, Japanese game developer Clap Hanz has focused on producing Everybody's titles released exclusively for PlayStation hardware. However, 2021 signals an end to that exclusivity, with the developer's latest golf game launching for Apple Arcade instead.

In total, Clap Hanz has developed 12 Everybody's titles for Sony, spread across the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita, PS4, and PSVR. Nine of those titles were golf games, but as VGC reports(Opens in a new window), the tenth golf game it's launching no longer carries the Everybody's branding. Instead, it's called Clap Hanz Golf(Opens in a new window), is self-published, and available for Apple Arcade(Opens in a new window) as of last Friday.

Even though it's exclusive to Apple hardware rather than Sony's, this looks to be a typical Clap Hanz golf game, offering multiple play modes (Tour, Score Attack, Survival) and a local multiplayer option. The visuals are the same colorful and vibrant graphics we expect from an Everybody's Golf title, only minus the branding or distinctive character designs. Regular video game golfers will be happy to hear Clap Hanz included support for controllers, which also means you can play it using an Apple TV.

Clap Hanz developed all but the first Everybody's Golf game for Sony, which was handled by Camelot Software back in 1997. There's nothing to suggest it won't do more Everybody's titles in future, but for now, the developer has gone elsewhere to sell its very popular games. Hopefully they'll be back for a PS5 golf and/or tennis game soon.

Clap Hanz brings its popular franchise to PlayStation VR and the gameplay works remarkably well if players use the PlayStation Move controller. Donning the headset transports golfers to one of several courses. Players swing naturally, and depending on the speed and direction on the club face, the ball flies on the fairway.

Just like real golf, the results can be frustrating. Players have to balance the strength and accuracy to get enough distance on their swing while also avoiding the rough. Players also have to worry about fades and hooks as they try to control the trajectory of the ball while accounting for the wind and elevation of the course.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the September release of Everybody's Golf exclusive to PlayStation2 and PSPTM. Developed by the sports mad Clap Hanz Ltd team at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), Everybody's Golf is a revolution in golf gaming. With its quirky characters and fun approach, Everybody's Golf is casual gaming at its best. Balancing the fun aspects of arcade style gaming with the realistic approach of a sports simulator, Everybody's Golf will leave gamers constantly wanting just one more round.

Taking the stuffiness out of the sport and injecting fun on the course and into the clubhouse, Everybody's Golf welcomes beginners and the more seasoned 'golf gamer' alike into this stunning world of golfing glory. Gorgeous sun drenched landscapes, sparkling streams and deep sandy dunes give you the perfect landscapes to perfect your putts.

Whether you play on PlayStation 2 or PSP, Everybody's Golf provides the perfect environment for casual multiplayer gaming - with wireless gaming on PSP and online fun on PlayStation 2. So pick up a copy and experience first hand how easy it is to get hooked on this simple-to-play but hard to put down golfing classic! 041b061a72


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