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How to Get Free Hindi Dubbed Episodes of Detective Conan on Your Device

his alias of conan allows him to easily get himself into any situation in the world to gather information. of course, his constant appearances across japan (as well as the world) have made it hard for him to keep his identity concealed, and as such, the agency is shut down at regular intervals.

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along with ran, he goes undercover as an agent at their agency while using his information gathering techniques to solve various cases. however, while the mouri family and their agency has a fairly clean record, there are a few chinks in the armor. while the father is always involved with his work, the mother is always around, and who is to say that the secretary isnt married to one of the mouri detectives?

conan has many tasks to complete as his name goes on and off the badge. in these dangerous times, where there are even more criminals than detectives, ran is in for some tough times with her well-endowed partner.

however, none of that stops the two of them from enjoying a great time together. meanwhile, his adviser, ran mouri is dating her childhood friend, a truly boring agent who might just be hiding a dark side.

the case closed anime was adapted into a japanese tv series in 1989. it ran in japan for five seasons and 29 episodes until october 2, 1996. it was televised on the tv asahi network and tv tokyo between january 3, 1993 and september 29, 1996, and aired on fuji tv from october 2, 1996 to december 18, 1998. it has been collected into 36 dvds by media blasters. the first season is available under the title meitantei conan. the episodes were numbered inconsistently from volume 1 to volume 12.


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