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Zombie Smashers X2: The Ultimate Bloodfest for PC

Zombie Smashers X2: A Review

If you are looking for a fun and quirky beat 'em up game that lets you smash zombies and other weird creatures with a variety of weapons and skills, then you might want to check out Zombie Smashers X2. This is a game that was developed by Ska Software in 2005 and released for Windows PC. It is a sequel to Zombie Smashers X, which was released in 2001. The game is available for download from various websites for $8.99 or $9.99, depending on where you get it from.

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In this review, I will give you an overview of what Zombie Smashers X2 is about, what makes it fun to play, and what are some drawbacks that you might encounter while playing it. I will also give you my personal opinion on whether you should buy it or not.

What is Zombie Smashers X2?

Zombie Smashers X2 is a side-scrolling action game that combines elements of beat 'em up games like River City Ransom with elements of role-playing games like Diablo. You can choose from four different characters to play as: Flick (a punk rocker), Spike (a skinhead), Nikki (a goth girl), or Rex (a ninja). Each character has their own stats and skills that can be upgraded throughout the game.

The game has a bizarre and hilarious story that involves zombies, vampires, Nazis, robots, aliens, ninjas, pirates, dinosaurs, and more. You will travel to different locations around the world and even to outer space to fight against these enemies and complete various quests. You will also encounter many funny characters and situations along the way.

The Story

The story of Zombie Smashers X2 begins with Flick receiving a phone call from his friend Rex who tells him that his girlfriend Missy has been kidnapped by zombie dancers at Club X. Flick decides to go rescue her with his trusty hammer in hand. Along the way he meets Spike who joins him in his quest. They soon discover that the zombie outbreak is part of a bigger plot by a mysterious organization called the Order of the Crimson Moon, led by a vampire lord named Dracula. The Order plans to use a device called the Necronomicon to unleash an army of undead and take over the world.

Flick and Spike team up with Nikki and Rex, who have their own reasons to stop the Order, and embark on a wild adventure that takes them to places like New York, London, Tokyo, Cairo, Antarctica, and the Moon. They will face many challenges and enemies along the way, such as Nazi zombies, robot ninjas, alien invaders, pirate skeletons, and dinosaur mutants. They will also learn more about the secrets of the Necronomicon and the origins of the Order.

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The Gameplay

The gameplay of Zombie Smashers X2 is simple and fun. You control your character with the arrow keys and use the Z and X keys to attack and jump. You can also use the C key to activate your special skill, which varies depending on your character. For example, Flick can use his hammer to smash enemies and objects, Spike can use his headbutt to stun enemies and break walls, Nikki can use her whip to grab enemies and items, and Rex can use his shuriken to throw projectiles.

You can also use various weapons and items that you find or buy throughout the game, such as bats, chainsaws, guns, grenades, health packs, and more. You can switch between your weapons and items with the A and S keys. You can also interact with objects and characters with the spacebar.

The game has a lot of combat and action, as you will encounter many enemies on each level. You can use your skills and weapons to defeat them in different ways. You can also perform combos by hitting enemies multiple times in a row. The game has a combo meter that shows how many hits you have done and how much damage you have inflicted. The higher your combo meter, the more money you will earn at the end of each level.

The game also has some role-playing elements, as you can level up your character by gaining experience points from killing enemies and completing quests. You can then spend your skill points to upgrade your stats and skills. You can also buy new weapons and items from shops or find them in chests or crates.

The game has a lot of quests that you can accept from various characters or find on bulletin boards. Some quests are mandatory for advancing the story, while others are optional for earning extra money or items. Some quests are simple, such as killing a certain number of enemies or finding a certain item, while others are more complex, such as solving puzzles or exploring dungeons.

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Zombie Smashers X2 are retro and pixelated, reminiscent of old-school games from the 80s and 90s. The game has a colorful and cartoonish art style that fits well with its humorous tone. The game has a lot of animation and detail in its sprites and backgrounds, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. The game also has some gore and blood effects when you hit or kill enemies, adding some contrast and impact to the combat.

The sound of Zombie Smashers X2 is catchy and upbeat, featuring a variety of music genres such as rock, metal, techno, reggae, and more. The game has a lot of sound effects that enhance the action and humor of the game, such as the screams of enemies, the explosions of grenades, the clanging of weapons, and the witty remarks of characters. The game does not have voice acting, but it does have some text bubbles that show what the characters are saying. What makes Zombie Smashers X2 fun?

Zombie Smashers X2 is a game that does not take itself too seriously and offers a lot of fun and entertainment for its players. The game has many strengths that make it enjoyable and memorable, such as its humor, variety, challenge, and replay value.

The Humor

One of the main attractions of Zombie Smashers X2 is its humor. The game is full of jokes, references, parodies, and absurdities that will make you laugh out loud. The game does not shy away from making fun of itself or other games, movies, or pop culture icons. For example, you will encounter characters like Bruce Lee, Indiana Jones, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Norris in the game, each with their own hilarious dialogue and personality. You will also see references to Star Wars, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, and more.

The game also has a lot of funny situations and scenarios that you will encounter throughout your adventure. For example, you will have to fight a giant zombie Elvis who sings "Hound Dog" while throwing microphones at you. You will also have to infiltrate a Nazi base disguised as Hitler and salute every guard you see. You will also have to escape from a prison full of zombies by using a spoon as a weapon.

The Variety

Another strength of Zombie Smashers X2 is its variety. The game has a lot of diverse and creative content that will keep you interested and entertained. The game has a lot of different enemies that you will face, each with their own appearance, behavior, and attack patterns. You will fight zombies of all shapes and sizes, such as cheerleaders, clowns, bikers, soldiers, and more. You will also fight other creatures like vampires, werewolves, mummies, robots, aliens, and more.

The game also has a lot of different locations that you will visit, each with their own theme, design, and atmosphere. You will travel to cities like New York, London, Tokyo, and Cairo, each with their own landmarks and culture. You will also travel to exotic places like Antarctica, the Moon, and Atlantis, each with their own secrets and surprises.

The game also has a lot of different weapons that you can use, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can use melee weapons like hammers, bats, chainsaws, swords, and more. You can also use ranged weapons like guns, grenades, bows, rockets, and more. You can also use special weapons like flamethrowers, lasers, nukes, and more.

The game also has a lot of different items that you can use, each with their own effects and benefits. You can use health packs to restore your health, energy drinks to boost your speed, steroids to increase your strength, and more. You can also use items like keys, maps, radios, and more to access new areas or complete quests.

The Challenge

A third strength of Zombie Smashers X2 is its challenge. The game is not easy and will test your skills and strategy. The game has a lot of enemies that will swarm you and attack you f


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