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What is ft betting? experience in placing accurate 1×2 ft bet

FT bet, what is it? Surely, most betting enthusiasts have looked into this before diving into betting. It may sound unfamiliar, but anyone stepping into the field will come across it. If you don't know yet, let's explore the following knowledge together with Wintips to understand what FT betting is!

What is FT in soccer betting?

What is FT betting? In soccer, FT stands for the full duration of the match. The official playing time excluding extra time is 90 minutes. This English term quickly made its way into Vietnam. FT is short for full time, meaning the entire duration. In soccer, as long as the players are on the field, it counts as the time for both halves of the match.

FT Handicap means a player will predict the result of the two halves of a certain match. Usually, many players choose to play ME, meaning one round. Because HT predictions will be faster and end sooner, receiving rewards earlier and betting on the next round.

However, if you're playing FT, you can follow every detail happening on the field. Give yourself a greater chance to hope for a resounding victory. And of course, the rewards will double when you place an FT bet, depending on the amount of capital you bet.

Should you bet on FT bets?

What is an FT bet? According to statistics, players only win about 11% of the time when participating in FT betting. In general, for seasoned and experienced players, FT is a risky and adventurous type of bet. However, for those who truly understand soccer and this type of betting, it's an extremely attractive and potentially rewarding option.

Should you bet on FT bets?

Compared to other regular markets, FT bets have much higher and more attractive odds. Therefore, if you can't spend much money, you can still earn a lot. However, if the match ends in a 0 – 0 draw, your bet will be refunded or fully placed.

When should you bet on FT bets?

After understanding what FT bets are, you should consider reducing your FT bet amount in the following cases:

When a team has weak defense, conceding many goals, and another team is dominating and leading. But in the second half, the situation could change.

Because a weak team may lose in the first half, but in the second half, they successfully turn the game around and gain control. Now you have to bet on the formula weak/strong team.

When a weak team can win the first half, but let the strong team come back to win the whole match today.

In situations where the strong team gains an advantage but plays carelessly, revealing many vulnerabilities, you can also bet on this.

In knockout matches, you can also bet on a Draw (DD) to get a draw result. If the match ends in a 0 – 0 draw, you will receive your winning bet according to your bet amount.

Most accurate FT betting experience

To increase your chances of winning, besides knowing what FT bets are, players should pocket the following experiences:

Choose a reputable bookmaker ratings

Bookmakers are where odds, bonuses/malus are offered to players. Therefore, after understanding what FT bets are, players should also invest time in finding a reputable bookmaker. A reliable address will bring players great experiences, financial transparency, good customer information security, and avoid leaking personal information.

Don't focus too much on the first half score

Predicting the outcome of a match has never been easy, especially when two evenly matched teams play, such as Barca vs. Madrid. The second half is the crucial time for one of the teams to return the bet money because of that, the score in the first half should not be overly emphasized. Football is always full of surprises, so continue to trust what you have learned about the match, the players, or the club's style that you will bet on.

Don't focus too much on the first half score

Thoughtful thinking

Betting tends to lean towards luck, but players can create their own luck by thoroughly researching what FT bets are before the match starts, from the form of both teams, the personnel situation, injuries, the possibility of losing key players... After filtering, our success rate will surely increase.

Thoughtful thinking

Handicap betting

Most players of Asian Handicap bets choose to bet on the upper option, fewer bet on the lower option, but these types of bets are mainly because players have not grasped a sure way to place a bet right from the start. When playing FT Handicap bets, players also need to monitor bets from the start of the match, grasp match information such as: match lineups, weather conditions, head-to-head records, injuries,...

Handicap betting

Once you have grasped this in any match, you will have a basic judgment on the handicap odds as well as which side will win. If you decide to play FT bets, you must understand what FT bets are, then mark the match, the time the match takes place so as not to miss the bet you've marked. With the chosen bets, you can play the first half as well as the second half and the whole match.

Divide the betting money

When playing any online betting game, not just with FT Handicap bets. Players, besides knowing what FT bets are, need to divide their available money to play, not to put all their betting money in one bet. Otherwise, you may suddenly risk losing 50% of your money. And if you accidentally bet with an unethical best bookmaker app, cheating players, that money could be completely lost.

Divide the betting money

Maintain a firm position when betting

In addition to finding answers to the question of what FT bets are, the psychology is an important factor deciding 30% of the player's success in betting. If the spirit is unstable, overly concerned about winning or losing, and lacks one's own standpoint, it's easy to change according to the crowd's choice.

Maintain a firm position when betting

At this point, your winning ability will surely shift from active to passive, and winning or losing will depend on luck, so don't hope for much.

Notes when playing FT bets

To play FT bets effectively, players need to prepare a certain amount of capital, then divide the money in their account into many small parts. Usually, players have to divide their accounts into 16 parts, confidently place bets.

When playing FT Handicap bets, players need to be patient to wait for enough money to bet, calculating that they will benefit if they win 1 bet and lose 1 bet, then break even or make a little profit.

When participating in FT bets, don't lose control leading to continuous excessive betting, unable to manage your money and at risk of losing a lot in one game.

If after participating in betting there are many goals in a series of matches, it's very likely that the next matches will have fewer goals.

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Above are the information to answer betting enthusiasts' questions about what FT bets are in football betting that players can refer to. It's a very familiar type of bet chosen by many. However, to ensure a great chance of winning, it's best to research thoroughly before placing bets. W88 wishes you success!


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