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The current hourly output by fuel type reported on the homepage and the Power Data page represents the production values of transmission-connected generation. This real-time data comes from the hourly Generator Output and Capability report, that provides output levels from generators, registered as market participants, with capacities of 20 megawatts (MW) or greater.

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*Note that these figures do not include generators that operate within local distribution service, except for those that participate in the IESO-administered market. Most solar facilities in Ontario are currently connected to the distribution system.

The IESO Active Generation Contract List provides the status of individual contracted electricity supply projects within different IESO procurement programs. The list is limited to generation facilities under contract to the IESO. More information on the contract list can be found on the Contract Data and Reports web page.

The winter months don't slow down our home generator installations!! FM Generator has home stand-by generators in stock and can deliver to your home within 2 weeks. Please contact us for more details on how your home can be set up before the first winter storm!

I have approx. 60 Emergency generators in the Buffalo Public Schools that I am in charge of. Some are diesel but most are natural gas. We have a handful of name brands. We have Onan, Kohler, Caterpillar, MTU and Generac.

We bought a Briggs & Stratton home standby generator from FM Generator in late 2017. The sales team was sensational! They were knowledgeable, easy to work with and understand, and compassionate. The delivery and install were both seamless, they met all my expectations for timeframe and communication.

Make sure your installer can service and maintain your generator. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you need to move or ship your generator off to a service center for repair or maintenance.This is not a 'do-it-yourself' job. A professional electrician is needed to interface with your home electrical system.

Do you really want to trust your power to a small generator that can only power a couple of devices? Do you really want to run extension cords into the house through doors or a window? Keep in mind, you'll need to provide gasoline for that small generator. That means you'll need to store enough gasoline to keep it running. Our professionally installed generators are powered by natural gas or propane. No need to worry about running out of fuel.

We install manual and fully automatic generators. We suggest a fully automatic generator. A fully automatic generator will activate automatically when you lose power from your power utility. You may notice an outage of a few seconds while the generator activates and begins generating electricity.

The power purchase agreement market for UK generation and storage continues to evolve rapidly creating new opportunities for market participants. Our briefing explores one of these opportunities, route to market agreements (RTMAs) and highlights some of the key commercial and legal issues for generators and lenders to consider.

The greater departure from traditional PPAs comes where a generator hands over some or all of their assets to be traded at the discretion of the supplier within agreed parameters. The intention behind this is for the generator to obtain higher electricity revenues as a result of the supplier executing trades in the forward market when compared to the generator just receiving a per cent of the day ahead/spot electricity price. This is commonly implemented through RTMAs containing the following principles:

An important secondary offering of some RTMAs (at least prior to the TERRE go live date/full implementation of P344) is the ability for a generator to access the balancing mechanism and potential balancing mechanism revenues without the generator being required to hold a generation licence / have its asset registered as a BM Unit.

As has been commented before, flexible generation/storage projects typically rely on more complex 'stacked' revenue streams than traditional energy projects, with generators being required to enter into numerous framework contracts and competitions to create the revenue stack.

In certain instances however, RTMAs have been used by generators and suppliers to simplify the revenue stack and contractual structure, as certain suppliers have offered, through their RTMAs, a wrapped ancillary services and Capacity Market solution.

This means that rather than generators having to enter multiple framework and call off contracts with different suppliers, aggregators and/or National Grid in order to accrue ancillary services and/or balancing revenues, the generator enters into just one contract (the RTMA) with its supplier. The supplier is then responsible for:

Contrasting the approach above which provides a generator with a large degree of control over its asset and markets, an alternative commercial structure we have seen utilised for certain merchant, subsidy free or subsidy light generation/storage assets is an RTMA which incorporates a long term revenue guarantee or tolling arrangement.

Whilst not straightforward, RTMAs can offer generators an opportunity to diversify and (potentially) increase the revenues they generate from their assets. They can also enable generators to simplify their contract structure and may in certain circumstances help to unlock the availability of project finance.

In the past five years, Key Construction has built more than 80 projects for this data center client. These have been projects of all shapes and sizes across the United States and include the following: ground-up facilities, additions, generator new install/addition/swap, re-roof, new switchgear and upgrades, mechanical modifications and upgrades, fuel tank installation/addition/ upgrade, busway a...

This is a generator agreement in relation to an embedded connection to one of the Distribution networks in Scotland. The connection must be over a certain size in order to be eligible (10MW Northern Scotland or 30MW Southern Scotland). The agreement sets out requirements under relevant codes.

Generator communication (GenComm) of turn-in documentation to the DLA Disposition Services sites allows the military generator, using their Hazardous Waste (HW) disposal system, to electronically (e-mail or upload) the DTID and HW Profile sheet and send it to the DLA Disposition Services sites. 350c69d7ab


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